What to Wear to a Wedding: The Red Dress

Are we ready for wedding season???

Good morning friends! We are approaching yet another weekend! I have a couple of exciting new content for you guys, so do stay tuned ✨

So, wedding season is coming up and with that comes the dilemma of what to wear to such an occasion. More so, what is the appropriate form of dressing to such an event! If you ask me, it really depends on the dress code. It is pretty common to have a specific theme or a destination wedding these days. So do keep the wedding theme or location in mind before making that shopping trip 🙂

I’ve styled my casual red dress (also a beach dress) for a more formal setting. Initially bought this dress from Asos for my previous beach holiday. It did not arrive in time for my trip, but I really wanted a reason to wear this dress! Since wedding season is approaching, I decided to glam up this beautiful red dress so that it would be appropriate for a wedding dinner. Or any other dinner events for that matter.

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

A little side note: The material of this dress is thicker (with additional lining on the inside) than most beach dresses, so it was pretty easy to style it for a different setting.

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

The dress is very loose fit with an amazing flow to it. One of my favorite element about this dress is that the color itself made such a statement (note: red is also very trendy this season). Because it was such a loose fit, I wanted to add some shape to my figure keeping in mind to stay current. Corset belts are super trendy and a good way to make the dress more youthful. Also, pair them with high-wedged heels to gain that extra height!

My dress is from the brand MissguidedLast I checked, it was still available!

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

wedding red dress ladyinloubs

With a little edginess from the corset belt, I toned it down with some elegant accessories. I paired the outfit with a Dior clutch and a pair of chandelier earrings.

So what’s your outfit inspiration for this wedding season?? Do share! Always excited to see how you guys style your outfits! ♥︎

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Missguided
Belt: Retro Luxe London
Shoes: ALDO
Handbag: Dior

Some Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas Below:


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