One Shoulder Tops Still in Style this 2018?

Are one shoulder tops still on trend this year? This is a debate that has been on-going since early 2017. Whether it is the one shoulder tops, the off shoulder tops or the cold shoulder tops. You can’t deny that this style is flattering to pretty much all body types. So the question remains… Is this style still a trend to rock now that we are well into 2018!

My question to you guys – does it really matter?

I think by now we’ve seen trends cycling over and over. Some even staying longer than expected! Styles like the high-waisted bottom, off shoulder tops and one shoulder tops are easy to match and also extremely versatile for daily wear. Makes a lot of sense as to why it has been a popular trend we go back to. Designers are also into recreating new silhouettes with this trend.

One Shoulder Tops Melbourne

I’ve recently returned from Melbourne. Just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year with family. Every CNY, the weather here in Malaysia gets extremely hot! I mean.. this country is already hot all year round, but during this festive season, the heat becomes almost unbearable. Days leading up to the celebration were also scorching. So heading to Australia in the middle of summer was probably not a choice most people would make.

To keep it cool this summer, I opted for light, breathable materials #summervibes. I love how this Tomas Maier top is actually a wrap-around. Slide one arm into the allocated sleeve and wrap the remaining material of this top around your body. Finish it off with a cute bow (if you’re good at that stuff 😂). For shorts, instead of the usual denim, I switched it up with this cute little Sandro skort. You guys probably have seen me in this many times. But a good pair of bottoms can last you a really long time!


Usually I would share a ‘Shop the Post’ link but I could not find links for these items. I’ve purchased them quite sometime ago. Here are some similar items of one shoulder tops that you might like!



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